Selected Photos for the Book Project - Shibam, Tarim, Sana'a, Qat, Souqs, Jambia, and People

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d7855_raw_bc.jpg  Say'un d7859_raw_bc.jpg  Say'un d7889_raw_bc.jpg  Tarim d7898_raw_bc.jpg  Tarim d7985_raw_bc.jpg  Shibam d8006_raw_bc.jpg  Shibam e1864_raw_bc.jpg  The Friday Market at Bait Al-Faqih e1917_jpg.jpg  The livestock market at the Friday Market at Bait Al-Faqih e9389_080612_bc.jpg  Bab Al Yemen at night e6345-bab-alyemen.jpg  e2316_jpg.jpg  Suq Al Milh e1833_jpg.jpg  Suq Al Milh e7738_raw_bc.jpg  Old men chill out on the street. e5729_jpg.jpg  The old city of Sana'a f3286_sanaa.jpg  Sana'a f3281_sanaa_bcmid.jpg  Sana'a f3265_sanaa.jpg  Sana'a f4205-president-mosque-night.jpg  The President's Mosque at night d8217_raw_bc.jpg  Wadi Dhahr - Dar Al Hajr e9338_080612_bc.jpg  Jambia belts d8456_raw_bc.jpg  Jambia dance d8464_raw_bc.jpg  Jambia dance d8502_raw_bc.jpg  Jambia dance f7068-mishwara-wedding.jpg  f7074-mishwara-wedding.jpg  f7077-mishwara-wedding.jpg  f6770-manzil-qaish.jpg  القات f6768-manzil-qaish.jpg  Qat at Manzil Qaish village  القات f6762-manzil-qaish.jpg  القات f5460-jiblah.jpg  Qat Market f5472-jiblah.jpg  Qat Market e5791_raw_bc.jpg  e6739-attawilah.jpg  Attawilah e6984-attabari.jpg  Attabari Elementary School e9633_hajjarah.jpg  e7050-attabari.jpg  Attabari Elementary School e9656-alhajjarah.jpg  e9683-arraimah.jpg  Muheeb, the third son of Yahya. مهيب ، ابن يحيى بالريمة f5233-jiblah.jpg  Jiblah f1626-burra.jpg  f4794-jiblah.jpg  Jiblah f3326_sanaa.jpg  Sana'a f4808-jiblah.jpg  Jiblah f6682-manzil-qaish.jpg  Manzil Qaish Village f6691-manzil-qaish.jpg  Manzil Qaish village with Sheikh Abd Al Karim f6705-manzil-qaish.jpg  Manzil Qaish village with Sheikh Abd Al Karim f6734-manzil-qaish.jpg  Manzil Qaish Village f6853-manzil-qaish.jpg  قائد قاسم الشيخ e9649-alhajjarah.jpg  f7550-manakha.jpg  f7554-manakha.cr2.jpg  e2588_raw_bc.jpg  Ibb Village e6145_raw_bc.jpg  Zakati e6170_raw_bc.jpg  Bukur

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